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AMOSIL 220 - polishing-thickening precipitated silica


Product description:

Amosil 220 is polishing-thickening precipitated silica for toothpaste and cosmetic industry.


Physico-chemical data:

Appearance White powder
Whiteness index – compared to MgO min. 93%
SiO2 - content min. 95%
Loss on drying – 2h at 105°C 5.5±1.5%
Loss on ignition – 2h at 1000°C 4%
Surface area - BET >220 m2/g
Pore volume min. 2.1 см3/g
рН value – 5% in water 6.2±0.8
Density 130 g/l
Sieve residue 0,05mm max. 1.5%
Oil absorption – linseed oil 5±0.2 g/g
Index of refraction (25°С) 1.44 - 1.47


















12,5kg Paper bags stacked on pallets

Storage conditions:
Silicas should be stored in closed, dry places.